Vocal Tract Hygiene by Daniel K. Robinson

Vocal Health is something that the Djarts Coaching team take very seriously. As we wander into the colder months, head colds and throat infections are more prevalent. Of course nothing can beat a balanced diet with adequate hydration (H2O) to ward off the dreaded 'lergy', however things in our busy lives are not always equal! It's good to have a few things in place ready to maintain good vocal health. First and foremost, every singer should own a Vapour Inhaler.

The old tea towel and bowl of steaming hot water is a thing of yesteryear. For a small once off cost you can purchase a compact inhaler from Djarts that can go anywhere and be used anytime. The second useful tip is regarding lozenges. It's not unusual for sore throats to cause quite a bit of discomfort, and its even less unusual to want to dampen the pain.

This is where Propolis lozenges are a life saver for the singer. Many of the market leading lozenges have an anaesthetic as their active ingredient which in turn numbs the voice and dampens the high level of motor cortex skills required to produce free and functional voice. Propolis lozenges are fast becoming recognised as the 'singer’s lozenge’. Propolis is a beehive extract which is very soothing and also acts as an antiseptic to help fight infection along the vocal tract. Djarts stocks Propolis lozenges in three flavours which are presented in two convenient size packs (15 & 40 candies).

Finally we recommend two natural products for vocal tract health and well being. The first is Olive Leaf Extract which promotes a boost of the immune system and the second is Bromelain, an enzyme found in freshly squeezed pineapple juice. Bromelain also promotes general well being with significant results along the vocal tract. Both products can be purchased from any leading Health Food store, but we do strongly recommend discussing their use with your doctor or naturopath to ensure they won't interfere with any other medication you are currently taking (HINT: Both Olive Leaf Extract and Bromelain are available as tablets/capsules). Olive Leaf Extract and Bromelain can act as natural anti-inflammatory and should be taken according to their prescribed dosage.


A link to the original article can be found here, courtesy of Dr.Dan: http://www.djarts.com.au/articles/vocal-tract-hygiene/

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