REVIEW - Honey Valley 100 % Pure New Zealand Honey (UMF 10+) 500 grams


What is it?

Honey Valley 100% Pure New Zealand Honey is an accredited vendor of UMF honey (check out the list here). It has anti-microbial properties, meaning that bacteria will find it hard to survive and reproduce in honey. Like all Manuka Honey, it is cloudy in appearance:

What it claims to do?

Manuka Honey has yet another wonderful healing property; it is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. This means that it will help to prevent any infection from spreading, and will thus speed up the recovery of our sore throat! Many singers swear-by it being a wonderful remedy for sore throats and protecting our fragile vocals!

How to consume, for vocal care?

If you have a potentially gig-busting sore throat or even just discomfort in your voice, the best way to administer the honey is one spoonful, and let it drizzle down your throat. The twofold benefit here is that it will keep the bacteria away, as well as help the sore throat to heal faster. (Oh and it tastes delicious!)

We also recommend mixing fresh ginger and a spoonful of Manuka Honey into a super drink of Throat Coat Tea. Make sure the tea has cooled first though as any temperature over 40 degrees centigrade will kill the active enzymes that make Manuka honey so valuable. Note that due to the global crazy demand of Manuka Honey at the moment, pricing is really high, particularly for UMF accredited honey.

Link to manufacturers site:

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