VIDEO TIP - Destroy your Voice in 5 easy steps by Dr Daniel K. Robinson

You’ve heard it said that your body is a temple…well in the case of the singer that old saying translates into, “Your instrument is a temple!” If you don’t look after your voice it simply won’t perform at its optimum.
  1. Eat Drink & Be Merry: Be a Vocal Athlete and treat your body the same way a professional athlete treats theirs.
  2. Choose the wrong singing teacher: Pick the right singing teacher for your style.
  3. Sing when you're sick: A damaged voice can take up to 6 months to repair! And singing while sick greatly risks further injuries.
  4. Deny you have a damaged voice: Ignoring the issue runs the high risk of making the problem worse.
  5. Don't care for your ears: If you can't hear well, your singing will suffer. Invest in a pair of In Ear Monitors, or at least use ear protectors.
  6. BONUS TIP: Watch the full clip to get the bonus tip :)

A link to the original article (and many more that delve deeper into the world of vocal care) can be found here, courtesy of Dr.Dan:

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