VIDEO TIP - How to go from bad to good singer by Felicia Ricci

How to Go from Bad Singer to Good Singer (or at least decent!)

A link to the original article (and many more that delve deeper into the world of vocal care) can be found here, courtesy of Felicia Ricci:

Who is Felicia Ricci?

Felicia Ricci is a performer, author, singer and professional voice finder who loves making singing tips videos and helping people find their voices. She teaches a FREE online tutorial called Belting Crash Course - check it out at Felicia has performed in the Broadway touring company of Wicked, going on for the lead role of Elphaba about twice a week, and has performed and taught master classes all over the country. She loves posting vocal technique videos to share with singers of all levels because she believes that anyone can sing -- all it takes is the right teacher.

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