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REVIEW - Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea

Wow, we've never known a tea to have this sort of fan club. It even has its own tumbler feed, check it out at www.tumblr.com/tagged/throat-coat. There's lots of warnings that come with this one, but assuming you don't have (ahem *clears throat*): Impaired kidney or liver functions High blood pressure Heart disease Are pregnant and lactating ...... go for it!! It's hard to find a bad review of this product! We've seriously been searching for one but anything negative is generally around the taste; so if you don't like liquorice, block your nose when you're drinking it! I tend to use this and Manuka Honey before any show. Our hot tip would be to brew some up, let it cool down to under 40 degrees centigrade...

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REVIEW - Entertainer's Secret - Throat Spray

Entertainer's Secret has been around for over 20 years and has been vouched for by the likes of Beyonce, Billy Joel and Katy Perry to name but a few. In terms of throat sprays, its basically a simple mix of glycerin and aloe vera + some other stuff to make sure it doesn't spoil. The best way to describe its effectiveness is that it works as a booster, not a replacement for vocal range. Only training will help you there. (check out our upcoming 'find a vocal trainer' page for a vocal coach near you).

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REVIEW - Honey Valley 100 % Pure New Zealand Honey (UMF 10+) 500 grams

What is it? Honey Valley 100% Pure New Zealand Honey is an accredited vendor of UMF honey (check out the list here). It has anti-microbial properties, meaning that bacteria will find it hard to survive and reproduce in honey. Like all Manuka Honey, it is cloudy in appearance: What it claims to do? Manuka Honey has yet another wonderful healing property; it is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. This means that it will help to prevent any infection from spreading, and will thus speed up the recovery of our sore throat! Many singers swear-by it being a wonderful remedy for sore throats and protecting our fragile vocals! How to consume, for vocal care? If you have a potentially gig-busting sore throat or even just discomfort in your voice, the best...

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