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What a Performing Singer Should and Should Not Eat and Drink! By Ryan and Peter Vox of Vox Singing Academy

MIXDOWN MAGAZINE ARTICLE This has to be one of the most common asked questions that I receive as a singing teacher. The subject is generally horses for courses and depends greatly on the individual. For example, it’s like asking an athlete to train their body everyday but only eat junk food – the athlete will improve marginally but their body will not recover or repair itself, they won’t feel good or get maximum results and eventually the athlete will became exhausted and their body will begin to break down. Singers need to know and work out for themselves what not to eat and drink and when, just like an athlete. Otherwise, their voice will not function to its full capability...

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VIDEO TIP - Destroy your Voice in 5 easy steps by Dr Daniel K. Robinson

You’ve heard it said that your body is a temple…well in the case of the singer that old saying translates into, “Your instrument is a temple!” If you don’t look after your voice it simply won’t perform at its optimum. Eat Drink & Be Merry: Be a Vocal Athlete and treat your body the same way a professional athlete treats theirs. Choose the wrong singing teacher: Pick the right singing teacher for your style. Sing when you're sick: A damaged voice can take up to 6 months to repair! And singing while sick greatly risks further injuries. Deny you have a damaged voice: Ignoring the issue runs the high risk of making the problem worse. Don't care for your ears: If you can't hear well, your singing...

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