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Nodules by Dr Daniel K. Robinson

The one vocal health issue that seems to haunt every singer's dreams is vocal nodules. "Vocal fold nodules or nodes can be compared to calluses, usually appearing as a result of friction because of an incomplete closure of the glottis: singing with a hoarse [or breathy] voice can produce nodules. Forcing your voice to do things it can't, and providing inadequate breath support (causing 'wild' air to escape through the glottis) are other potential causes. You can get nodules after just one night of overusing your voice! Nodules [generally] develop in pairs, one on each fold. Women are more at risk than men." (Pinksterboer, H. Tipbook Vocals: The Singing Voice. 2002) Over the years it has been thought that any...

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Water, Water, Water by Dr Daniel K. Robinson

It’s that time of year when our H2O levels begin to drop off and the need to be ever vigilant regarding our water intake takes on a renewed focus. For my students the following sermon on water consumption is nothing new...I can hear many of them whining, “here we go again...drink more water...Daniel get a real job”. Hehehe! The truth is that you simply can’t escape the need for high hydration levels as a singer. Our body is over 3⁄4 water, put simply without the clear stuff we cease to function. I heard an alarming stat in the late 90’s that suggested over 85% of Australians exist dehydrated...i.e. most of us are not consuming the 2-3litres of water that our...

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